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WT A suave little lizard welcoming you to the website.


I got a wallpaper I don't like.

Walltaker is an app for letting others change your wallpaper, without your approval. While I provide as many tools as possible to ensure you only get wallpapers you like, know that the point of this app is to be out of control to some extent. Here are some tips to use Walltaker's filtering features to their fullest:

  • Add people you trust as friends, this allows you to use friends-only links, which stops anon spam. This is by far the most effective route.
  • Use a theme tag. A theme tag allows you to force a tag to be present on wallpapers people pick for you. This can normally be good at filtering out things like genitalia (penis) you don't want to see or forcing a specific sexuality. (male/female)
  • Fill out your blacklist honestly. If you don't like most foot-fetish art, then it should be in your blacklist, even if there's some art you do like. People don't read your link terms enough to understand nuance.
  • Be clear in your terms. A lot of bad wallpapers are simply mistakes. Use as few words as possible to express what you want.

As always, if you think you're being harassed, contact an admin on the Discord (See link in the header) who can look into it for you, and will IP ban an anon user if they're trying to be malicious.

Can I make my own client?

Yes! I have some API documentation on our GitHub. You can contact an admin on discord to get it listed on the site.
Here are some tips for what makes a good client:

  • It doesn't just have to be wallpapers! iOS has no native APIs for setting lock screen or home screen wallpapers. Maybe a good idea would be a home screen widget that could show the current wallpaper instead?
  • Use native APIs to set the wallpaper if available. A good example of why this is a good idea is the MacOS client. It uses the Cocoa APIs to affect the wallpaper instead of using the more-universal AppleScript solution common in apps not made with swift/obj-c. This is a FAR less buggy way to assign wallpapers, and doesn't require as many permissions. Research if there's an SDK/language you should use to better take advantage of native APIs.
  • Just because we're short-polling, doesn't mean you can ping us as fast as you want! Please keep requests at around 1 request per 10 seconds. This service is hosted at my expensive, and heavy load will mean I have to vertically scale up the server it lives on. Don't be an asshole.

How do I change my username / email?

Please message a staff member on our Discord to change your username/email.
⚠️Do NOT post your email address in any public channel
  • Username change: Provide your full email address
  • Email change: Provide both your old and new email addresses

  • Why do I keep getting kicked from the Discord server?

    Ensure that your account is at least 1 week old and has a profile picture before attempting to join the server.

    Help! The client I am using doesn't work

    Check if there are any known issues with the client you are using. If you require further support, please join the Discord server and use the appropriate forum to report bugs with the client. Forums can be found at the bottom of the channel list.

    I would like to merge two accounts.

    Message Gray on our Discord and provide them with both email addresses and let them know which account you want to keep using.

    I have feedback/suggestion

    Join our Discord and post your feedback/suggestion in the #walltaker-site forum.

    I want to report a bug with the website

    You can either join our Discord, or post your issue to our GitHub.