🔞 This is an app for adults over the age of 18 only.

A suave little lizard welcoming you to the website.
WT A suave little lizard welcoming you to the website.

What is it?

First off: Walltaker is an app built by adults, for adults. You must be over the age of 18 to use it. Walltaker is inspired by the WallClaimer app, which allows you to set the wallpaper of your friend's phones. This however leads to some weird cases where people post stuff that'd be on your metaphorical blacklist. With that in mind, I wanted it to be restricted to e621.net results, with an enforced blacklist. This keeps you in control, but not too much control.

What do I need?

Walltaker requires you to make an account on the website (here!) first. Once you have an account, you can generate links to send to friends/enemies, which will enqueue new wallpapers for your account. When you want to start seeing these new wallpapers, then you can download the companion apps listed below which is able to listen to wallpaper changes to any account. Enter your username, and then go about your day!

A flow chart, showing links pushing updates to devices running walltaker clients. 420 7 People choose wallpapers on your …which are pushed to client apps links… , running on your devices.


Client Platform
Lycraon's Wallpaper Engine Client Wallpaper Engine for Windows
Chewtoy's Walltaker Engine Windows
Gios' Client Android 7+
Arson's Automate Client Automate App for Android
Deanskond's Automate Client Automate App for Android
PawSluts's Client Linux Distros using GNOME
JBerliner's Walltaker.sh Linux
macOS Client macOS
iOS Widget iOS
Android Client (Unmaintained) Android 12+
Desktop Client (Unmaintained) Windows / Linux
Please try using clients that are still being maintained before trying unmaintained clients.

Companion/Explorer Apps

Extra tools that tie into Walltaker's site. These should help to integrate walltaker better or make the user experience cleaner.

Client Platform
Gios' Explorer Android 7+

Help us out!

Taylor, a gray and yellow lizard with tits, shaking them at you We'll be upfront! The site pretty cheap to operate. We have very little in running costs, and I am somewhat OK with paying the ~$40 a month it costs in bandwidth and compute that it takes to keep this service online; however, a few folks have asked if they can help out or compensate our time as a tip, so we set up a Ko-Fi!